Friday, October 26, 2012

Base Basics - The Pinch

#3 Getting Pinched Hurts.  A large pinch rocket can stun the defenses in your base for 20 seconds, giving the attacker lots of time to level or by pass defenses.   The diameter of a pinch is about 9 wall tiles meaning that if you have your turrets all in a row it can stun up to 4 of them.  If you have multiple rows of turrents even more can be effected.   Therefore its important to balance spacing out your turrets (so as small a number as possible can be pinched) with the limits or bombard and flak coverage.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Base Basics - Bubble Fast

#2 Damage Protection Bubbles are your friend.  You get one when:

  • When a base has suffered 25% - 49% damage at the end of an attack, the base will receive 12 hours of Damage Protection.
  • When a base has suffered 50% - 74% damage at the end of an attack, the base will receive 24 hours of Damage Protection.
  • When a base has suffered 75% - 100% damage at the end of an attack, the base will receive 36 hours of Damage Protection.
  • When a base has been attacked 8 times in four hours (but suffered less than 25% damage), the base will receive 1 hour of Damage Protection.
So while your first instinct may be to try and protect everything, in reality you want to front load your base with cannon fodder, your research buildings, your resource buildings and your shipyard.  The goal is to get to 25% damage as quick as possible while protecting your warehouses, outpost and even your turrets.

Base Basics - Don't Get Sniped

#1 Protect your warehouses and outpost from being sniped.   Assault Missiles (D53s) with Solid Fuel Booster 3 (SFB3) have a range of 96.  It does you no good to have an incredibly well guarded front door if someone can pick off your most valuable assets by shooting over the back fence.  One not well documented fact is that there is "graphics drift" from North to South.  Meaning that the same ship shooting from the North in the direction of the South shoots further than the same ship shooting from the South at a target North of it. The implication of this is to not be sniped by D53 + SFB3 fleets you need 4 full tiles + 3 more wall tiles to protect your base from the North-East and North-West but you only need 4 full tiles + 1 more wall tile to protect it from the South-East and South-West.   Basically the exact same base flipped 180 degrees doesn't provide the same defense...


Welcome to the Battle Pirates Base Design Blog.  Over may months of playing Battle Pirates, I've been continually refining my base as I upgraded my defense technologies and more importantly as I saw other base designs that worked.   If you are interested in learning from others, this is the place for you, as I will be posting and reviewing bases on a regular basis.

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